Model and Level Creation

October 4, 2009

One of the main points this week was to test how to set up the production pipeline, especially for the creation of levels. Because Panda3D has an exporter for Maya, it was the obvious choice. We had to test all aspects of this part of the production pipeline. After some work we got the exporter up and running. The next question was, how to set up the level editor. So we tested maya as a level editor, so far its working great. Referencing and instancing in Maya makes later changes possible. We will use a tile like system to ease up the creation of maps.


The picture shows a top view of the first production test. Also we wrote some MEL scripts to make the creation of maps faster.

TrackTest2Now all platforms are in one height. Next week we will run a test to build a track with different platform heights. This should make the tracks more interesting for players. Also missing is a performance test of the track but therefore we have to build some bigger tracks first. Also the models are not really high detailed right now.

TrackTest3Don’t mind the texture. They are only for testing and we have to set up our art & style, before creating textures. A big part of the production pipeline is now tested. Before setting up the production pipeline, we have to define the scope of our game. But right now, some more tests are to be completed.


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